Are you Metal Enough?

I am Emo

A place for the Rejects of the Metal Society
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This is a rating community for all of us "metal rejects". As a special bonus it also serves as a discussion "board" for metal related or other community related topics.

After much research severed_shadow and a_bitter_sorrow have found that most metal rating communities are either:
A: Too picky
B: Too serious

Why bicker and rip each other new assholes over stupid shit? They reject people from their communiites for the most ridiculous reasons possible. "You aren't metal enough."

This is NOT tolerated here. We'll try to have real reasons to reject you.

Here is our version of...

1) No name calling.

2) No Shitknot-Nu metal-Mallcore

3) Worship Pablo, our mascot. (Not necessary but he's just so friggen awesome)

4) Fill out and post application within 2 days after joining. MUST use lj cut!!!

5) Racism will not be tolerated.

6) Any type of prejudice will not be tolerated.

7) You cannot vote on other applications until you are officially stamped.



1) What got you into metal and why?

2) Top 3 bands-one sentence explaining why.

3) Are you "emo" or illiterate? (Apparently one of our Mods is.)

4) Do you play an instrument? Why-What-How long?

5) Do you have a "most metal moment"?

6) Why were you rejected from the other community(ies)?

7) Do you have any metal in you, literally?

8) Who do you think is the sexiest male/female metal performer? (May include pictures)

9) Do you have an tattoos or piercings? (May include pictures)

10) Post 2 or more pictures of yourself (at least 2 clear shots) and one random picture (not of yourself/significant other/porn)

Pablo the Confused Duck

Metal-Rejects #1 Reject:


MODS: "Are we METAL enough?"

severed_shadow and a_bitter_sorrow (pictured below)



People who couldn't stand us and left...

background/icons/"stamps" = severed_shadow
layout/banners = a_bitter_sorrow

I love the fact that people think this community is super serious. This community was made as a joke to mock the other metal rating communities out there. Most of the entries that are posted in here are totally based on sarcasm and are never serious. People...GET A FUCKING LIFE!

"wouldn't it be great if this journal became more popular and active than those stupid you're-not-metal-enough-becuz-you-like-Judas Priest-and-we-only-like-hearing-about-obscure-bands-that-we-can't-pronounce-correctly kind of communities?" ~ a_bitter_sorrow
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