The Devil's Daughter (myr3volution) wrote in metal_rejects,
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I can honestly say that out of the 500+ people in my building... there are two of us that are into metal. We are a dying breed methinks.

It probably doesn't help that I go to an institution with a reputation for snobbery.

I was browsing through people's shared lists on the network today... by the time I'd finished I'd heard enough beyonce and dashboard confessional to make me want to break things.

Bloody slagging hell... how did I survive in this all girls, all party, all the time, let's dress like ho's and talk about boys all the time rez.


sorry. I wanted to rant about it and figured I might as well try to keep this community alive. Heh.

But seriously, female metal fans are a scarcity these days. It's sad making. Even in highschool there were more that two of us. And I'm talking about true metal with it's face shredding solos and 12 minute long power ballads. I don't count limp bizkit and linkin park in there -_-

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