Vanamal Lucifer (orgasmaddcit) wrote in metal_rejects,
Vanamal Lucifer


Name/Nickname: vanna/ vanamal
Age: 17
Location: the death metal swamps.... pensacola florida

1) What got you into metal and why? a good friend of mine... because he was into it. but now i find myself exploring new metal on my own.

2) Top 3 bands-one sentence explaining why. motorhead, jucifer, mastodon.
because these three bands were the first to make the sound they make.

3) Are you "emo" or illiterate? (Apparently one of our Mods is.) i am neither...

4) Do you play an instrument? Why-What-How long? i dont play anything.

5) Do you have a "most metal moment"? well, at a Behemoth show, i got my nose broken... is that metal?

6) Why were you rejected from the other community(ies)? because im "too nice" or "not metal enough"

7) Do you have any metal in you, literally? fortunally, no.

8) Who do you think is the sexiest male/female metal performer? (May include pictures)lemmy. mmm.

9) Do you have an tattoos or piercings? (May include pictures) i have nothing special.

10) Post 2 or more pictures of yourself (at least 2 clear shots) and one random picture (not of yourself/significant other/porn)
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