severed_shadow (severed_shadow) wrote in metal_rejects,

Quick thing here...

Soilwork-Dark Tranquility-Mnemic-Hypocrisy concert...blew me the fuck away. I totally forgot how heavy Dark Tranquility really was and wow...just wow. I absolutely loved them. Soilwork put on a pretty kick ass show. I have to say, that was one of the best concerts I've ever been too. The singer from Hypocrisy really freaked me the fuck out. He..he's just really creepy looking. I had a great time.

Even though they aren't metal, in this past month, I have attended a Kansas concert. Let me tell you they are fucking great also! Robbie, one of the leads and plays the violin was simply amazing! I adore him. I even met him after the concert and got to take a picture with him. Wonderful!

Sorry this is so abrupt. I'm really not in the mood to type.
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