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So I've been thinking a lot lately about things we could do in this community every so often to keep it a little active. Finally something popped in my head.

I think for something to do we should go on about concerts.

Tell us about your favorite concert. Tell us the worst one, the one you didn't want to go to but your friends dragged you anyway, the one that made you cry, anything. Tell us one that you are going to go to or want to go to, etc. Have a little fun.

Of course I will start this off.

I have to say my best concert thus far is when I went to the Children of Bodom, Fear Factory, Lamb of God, and Throwdown concert. Fear Factory and Throwdown were very horrible but Children of Bodom was to die for. And our co-mod will agree with me endlessly. Lamb of God didn't really spark much but I do love their drummer.

I do have some confessions of some bands that I've seen before. (Now hopefully people won't find me and stone me) But I've had the horrible event of seening Kid Rock on stage (only because they were free tickets so I said why the fuck not.) Lit was with him, does anyone really even remember them? And I actually went to the Music as a Weapon Tour which had Disturbed, Chevelle, Unloco and I think that's it. I have to admit also that Chevelle really surprised me. I never knew they were a 3 man band and they do it well. Maybe it's not the heavy shit that I love, but very nice. Disturbed...they are just full of themselves. And Unloco I clearly don't remember.

I have to say the worst band that I have ever seen in my life is Kittie. It was my friends 16th birthday so I bought her tickets since they were coming 2 days before her birthday and they were in Philly. So incredibly bad. All she did was growl horribly and you couldn't hear anything since the bass and her voice blurred together. Mudd...that's all it was.

Now, this Saturday I'm going to the Soilwork, Dark Tranquility, Mnemic, and Hypocrisy concert over in Philly. I am so looking forward to see Soilwork and Dark Tranquility. This should be a great show. Minus the 90% chance of rain that we have. So, I shall update sometime next week after the show.

Hope your stories are more interesting and entertaining than mine. And also, hopefully you've seen better bands than I have.
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