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application, slut.


Name/Nickname: Phil / Torturous
Age: 21
Location: Canada

1) What got you into metal and why?
I use to sodomize small animals with kitchen utensils when I was a kid so the cross into metal was just inevitable

2) Top 3 bands-one sentence explaining why.
Cannibal Corpse - Opened the door to Death Metal for me when I was 14.
Lividity - Brutal Porno/Death Grind about fucking and killing sluts how could I not love it.
Putrid Pile - Death Metal that makes me want to rip off heads and shit down throats (all created solo, very talented sob)

3) Are you "emo" or illiterate? (Apparently one of our Mods is.)

4) Do you play an instrument? Why-What-How long?
I masturbate alot. it feels good, my penis, 7 inches

5) Do you have a "most metal moment"?
pissing on homeless people while singing "roots bloody roots"

6) Why were you rejected from the other community(ies)?

7) Do you have any metal in you, literally?
I have a 4 foot pipe inside my asshole

8) Who do you think is the sexiest male/female metal performer? (May include pictures)
Michael Jackson

9) Do you have an tattoos or piercings? (May include pictures)
yeah I have a few

10) Post 2 or more pictures of yourself (at least 2 clear shots) and one random picture (not of yourself/significant other/porn)

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