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I'm new

Name/Nickname: Laura
Age: 18
Location: Albany, NY

1) What got you into metal and why? I started out just like every other 12-year-old Limp Bizkit and Korn kid, but moved on up from there. Initially the raw excitement of distorted guitars and yelling was enough, but eventually "Stick it up your yeah!" wasn't enough. I wanted talent, melody, REAL screaming, and atmosphere. Clearly I was not getting that from Fred Durst, so I looked to and other similar sites to find bands that satiated my cravings.

2) Top 3 bands-one sentence explaining why: Bathory rocks because Quorthon (R.I.P.) has through beautifully epic songwriting convinced me that I am a Viking, AND it isn't too embarrassing to play in front of people. Dimmu Borgir makes my ears sing and dance because of the eerie beauty of their earlier atmospheric material; "Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen" transports me directly to the middle of the Norwegian forest. And finally, I love Amorphis simply for their "Am Universum" album - proving that sadness is the most beautiful of emotions.

3) Are you "emo" or illiterate? (Apparently one of our Mods is.) I could read before I could shit properly in a toilet, and I don't care for the music called "emo" or the tight-black-hoodie-with-girl-jeans-and-a-pyramid-belt-with-shaggy-fake-black-hair look. I've been pegged as "gawth" before, but that's silly.

4) Do you play an instrument? Why-What-How long? Yes, I play the violin because I didn't realize I should have played cello when I was 9. Ever since then, I've been active in orchestras and have butchered several weddings with my atonal squealing.

5) Do you have a "most metal moment"? Last night I smoked myself silly and headbanged to Meshuggah in a room all by myself. I came within seconds of a mild orgasm simply from the music. I kid you not.

6) Why were you rejected from the other community(ies)? Because I admitted to liking Cradle of Filth's pre-1998 albums. Laaaame!

7) Do you have any metal in you, literally? I have metal 20G backings in all my piercings.

8) Who do you think is the sexiest male/female metal performer? (May include pictures) This is a tremendously difficult decision. I'm going to have to go with Fenriz.
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He's got more soul than Aretha Franklin.

9) Do you have an tattoos or piercings? (May include pictures) No tattoos, I have generic ear piercings and one of those oh so trendy little diamond nose studs.
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10) Post 2 or more pictures of yourself (at least 2 clear shots) and one random picture (not of yourself/significant other/porn):

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concerning hobbits

Image hosted by
LykE omGG i m soOo keWL wit da ShAdEs n mAh spLiT enDs! thank god i cut that off.

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For anyone who's seen "The Passion of the Christ," this is Satan.
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